Below is a list of cool stuff I use (or have used) that I highly recommend. Some links contain affiliate codes, so I might get some revenue from purchases. Like I said though, I’ve used these services/products myself, and I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t use myself.

Hosting & Domains



I’ve used these guys to power the majority of my live websites for a couple of years now. Their support is top notch. Whenever I have a server issue, I just create an error ticket or forward the alert to them, and they’re immediately on it.

They also offer a variety of plans to fit any budget, and cPanel only costs a few bucks more per month (compared to the $20 or so commonly charged by other hosts).

I’ve been using Namecheap for my domains, SSL certificates, and shared hosting (for smaller test environments) for a few years now. They’re a no-nonsense host and unlike GoDaddy, they don’t shove ads in your face when checking out.

Their SSL prices are more than reasonable, and their domain prices are rock solid. They also have phenomenal support, available around the clock to help with any questions you have.

Travel and transportation


When it comes to travel or even finding short-term living arrangements, Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to find a place to stay. I’ve used Airbnb for both short and long-term accomodations and it really is an amazing alternative to hotels and lets me spend money on more important stuff.


Lyft and Uber

Just putting these on the list because they’re must haves for anyone in any city.

Computer Stuff


Since Verizon/AT&T charge a bit for their data, I’ve started using a Karma hotspot for awhile now since there’s no contracts and you can pay as you go. They also offer a $50/month unlimited data plan which is pretty helpful if you’re often working from the road.

Currently Karma runs on the Sprint network, however I’ve never had any issues with reception in New York City, and the San Francisco Bay area.




For a solopreneur, Google Apps is a great way to share files with clients and collaborate in real time. The main reason I have a paid apps account is the ability to connect all my domains to a single Google Drive account.