Brilliant!! Just brilliant. Charles gave us the ability to make smart decisions without any guesswork. : ))

As part of our research to launch a local ice cream brand, we sought the assistance of Charles Costa. The assignment we gave to Charles was to compile 20 of the most difficult questions to answer regarding marketing, learning our direct and indirect competition and the likelihood for success depending on 6 different approaches.

We got more than we wanted. We were surprised by 80% of his answers. Most of the assumptions we were making were COMPLETELY WRONG and off target. Moving forward without his sources and insightful answers, we might’ve landed flat on our faces.

For a little under $4,000, we are now saving $20K or more in trial and error tactics that would have led us nowhere. It is the best money we’ve ever spend for our client. We are extremely happy and definitely using him before we start anything.

Breuk Iversen – Publicist of Culture @