Now Producing WordPress Technical Screencasts

A few months ago I started producing a variety of screencasts for Sitepoint Premium  – a freemium collection of technical tutorials for developers and professionals in general to hone their skills. Below are some links to my free tutorials. If you’re interested in seeing the full collection, you can sign up using this link.

Watch: WordPress Theme? Check. Hidden Malware? Test!

The internet is filled with plenty of WordPress themes, yet the scary thing is that there’s almost no level of quality assurance with them. Yikes! What this means is, that fancy WordPress theme you’re considering… might have some malware hidden within it’s theme. That’s no reason for you to dump your theme shopping cart.

In this screencast I will show you a simple way to make sure that the themes you download are clean and you on longer have to fear the hidden malware

Watch: Backup Your WordPress Sites Manually and Easily

There are plenty of plugins to backup your WordPress site, yet the best way to ensure your backup works is… to do it manually! Yes it sounds difficult, but that’s only because you may not have realized that it only takes a few minutes to capture the basics. Watch as I demonstrate how to do this in less than 5 minutes.

Watch: Get the Right File Permissions in Your WordPress Site

Changing your WordPress permissions might seem trivial, but it’s a small step you can take to improve your website security. Learn how to set permissions yourself, confirm they’re correct, and also how to overcome the side effect. In just a few minutes with this video, I’ll show you exactly how to do that. Enjoy!